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“As God has loved me, so I have loved you: abide in my love. . .” (John 15:9)
We welcome you to join us at Ziegels to share the joy of our Lord through worship and teaching. Here, you will be part of a loving family dedicated to reaching out to all in need of care and healing.

We believe God calls us to be community of people who reach out to serve others.    As we continue to grow in our faith and our understanding of God, who has blessed us with 260 years of shared ministry, we invite you to join us as we share in the promise of the future.

What is Epiphany?

Are you acquainted with the word “epiphany?” It is derived from the Greek word, epiphaneia, and means “an appearance.” Centuries ago, the church set aside January 6th, the twelfth day after Christmas, and called that day Epiphany, intending for it to refer to the revealing of Jesus as the Christ to the Wise Men who were Gentiles. The very first followers of Christ were Jewish.

The story of the revelation of Christ to the Wise Men, who were non-Jewish, is a reminder that God meant for Christ to be the Savior of the whole world. As an old hymn puts it: “The light of the world is Jesus.” A light to the whole world!

Wishing you a Merry Epiphany Season!
The church season of Epiphany continues until Ash Wednesday.

Come worship with us!

Lutheran Worship – 8:30 AM
Sunday School – 10:00 AM
UCC Worship – 11:05 AM

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Sunday, February 7th

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